Pictured above left Eric Bachman, Lancaster County Fire Chiefs Assoc. joins Chief Duane Ober, right, President of the Chiefs Assn. is presenting the 2013 Fire Chief of the Year Award to Past Fire Chief Jamie Welk, Quarryville Fire Co. He developed a very good recruitment and retention program and facilitated the purchase of new equipment. During his years as chief of the Quarryville FD. they responded to 1,757 incidents with 91 working fire, 27,367 man-hours at incidents; 10,310 man-hours spent in training; Nearly 6,800 man-hours spent in fire dept. activities: Maintenance, fire safety, fund raising, etc. Average of nearly 15,000 man-hours of service per year.

Pictured above left Eric Bachman, Board of Directors of Lancaster County Fire Chiefs Association joins Chief Duane Ober, right,  President of the Lancaster County Fire Chiefs Association is presenting the 2013 Line Officer of the Year Award to  D/C Jeffrey L. Martin, Garden Spot Fire Rescue; Jeff was involved in the operational section they completed their cooperative partnership as Liberty Fire Co. and Blue Ball Fire Co. and became Garden Spot Fire Rescue. He has served as a firefighter, driver, Captain and a Deputy Chief.  and served on the Chiefs Standard Committee.